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Luen Shing is a privately own company who specializes in the production of different kinds of wires and connectors. To better serve our valuable customers and meet the market demand, we continue to expand our company. In 2003, we move to our new factory to a self-style garden plants with over 10000 square meters in Dong Guang, Guang Dong province. Our mission is to make the experience doing business with us as convenient as possible and as efficient as possible.
   Luen Shing Electrical Wire Factory produces all kinds of the UL electric wires and correspondence cables, USB, AC, DC, USB, AV series finished product plugs, wiring harness and electric wires combine. All products match SONY SS-00259, EU ROHS, PAHS environmental protection requirement.
   The company is in the light of continual improvement in product quality and customer satisfaction. We obtained the United states UL and peaceful rules in CSA in Canada attestations, and we comply with the ISO:9001 2000 quantity management system. Luen Shing upholds the integrity, we promote the people centered services, quality assurance, and we also promote civilized demeanor for the purpose. We always adhere to provide products with quality meeting or exceeding our customers requirement and in the mean time at a low and affordable cost, and we never stop seeking for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

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